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Restorative Dentistry | My Dentist SCV

Don’t be caught off guard when that lollipop cracks a tooth!!!

Most of us don’t consider the steps needed to restore damaged or decayed teeth until they experience the need first hand (often in an emergency setting). Don’t be caught off guard when that candy bar or lollipop cracks a tooth, or when you’re having a great day with the kids on the lake and a jet ski accident leaves you with cracked or missing teeth. Best to not use your teeth on hard candy. Be prepared and know your options. Many times issues can be avoided through preventative dentistry.

Whatever may have caused your decayed or damaged smile, restorative dentistry is what you’ll need to look and feel your best. This area dental practice focuses on restoring damaging effects that occur over time, through accidents, and often with the gradual effects of aging.

In some cases, restorative options may not be the best fix. So in the case of an emergency, or if you feel you are a candidate for a better looking smile, give us a call or fill out our appointment request form.

We hope to have the honor of being your “dental home”!