Crowns and Bridges


Crowns are often necessary to protect the underlying tooth structure from cracking or breaking. At risk teeth include, posterior teeth with large cavities or large defective restorations, previous amalgam (silver) fillings that have caused enamel cracking, posterior teeth with root canal therapy, teeth that are subject to clenching/grinding or patient habits such as chewing ice or chronically biting hard foods (like nuts). Crowns are typically completed in two appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Dan will “prepare” the patient’s tooth structure such that a tooth-shaped crown can cover and protect it. At that visit, the doctor will also make a temporary crown to cover the patient’s tooth and will also take an impression that will be sent to a lab for fabrication of the permanent crown. The second visit involves the delivery of a patient’s new crown.

Bridges are three or more connected crowns that help to “bridge the gap” where teeth are missing. Bridges are sometimes recommended if the teeth on either side of the missing tooth also require crowns or if dental implants (link to implants) are not possible to replace the missing tooth/teeth.

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Insurances and Payment Types Accepted

At Dr. Dan and Dr. Alexis’ Office we accept most traditional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental insurance plans. To verify acceptance of your specific plan, please contact our office at (661) 481-0884. Unfortunately, our office does not participate in Health Management Organizations (HMOs). As a courtesy to you, our patient, we will happily file PPO dental insurance claims for reimbursement on your behalf. We also accept payment via check, cash or credit cards and offer flexible payment plans and no interest financing through Care Credit. Additionally, many of our patients without insurance are taking advantage of our Dental Health Commitment Plan. Please feel free to contact our office for additional details. We would be thrilled to assist you!